Monday, 19 April 2010

Labour resorting to "vote yellow get blue" scare in Darlington

Labour in Darlington are panicking.

I've just had a phone call from a life-long Labour voter saying three Labour canvassers, including someone called "Jennifer, I think", and she thought one of the others was the MP (but surely they wouldn't let him loose on the electorate would they?) had been browbeating her saying if she switched to voting Lib Dem it would just let the Conservatives win.

She's voting for us anyway. She didn't like their attitude. Nor do I, though it's entirely to be expected. A bland campaign based on telling voters their candidate is from Darlington and steering clear of policy or performance, is unravelling and they have nothing to fall back on than scare stories.

As I told this lady - and as I'll tell her when I go and see her this evening - if you vote Lib Dem you get a Lib Dem MP.


Foregone Conclusion said...

That's funny, Labour in Oxford East are telling people that if you vote Lib Dem there (it's a LD-Labour marginal) you'll get the Tories, and in Southport the Tories are telling people that if they vote Lib Dem they'll get Labour (it's a LD-Tory marginal). None of them's getting the hand of a 'squeeze message', are they?

james said...

I think it's fair enough to warn people that, since the election will either deliver a Labour or Tory government - or a coalition led by either party - that the choice is between Labour and the Tories.

Mike Barker said...

Wrong, James. The landscape of British politics has changed. I don't know if you've been out door-knocking for your party, but I can tell you that people are thoroughly fed up with the two old parties taking it in turns. There is a desire for a new kind of politics - a politics in which every voe counts and a Lib Dem vote is worth as much as a vote for anyone else. If people vote Lib Dem, they'll get a Lib Dem MP. Simples!

james said...

I wish that every vote did count - however, this is not the case under FPTP.

What's this about "old parties", Mike? I've just got a letter from you describing your party's performance as the best since 1929!

Does this mean you are a Liberal rather than a Social Democrat?

Anonymous said...

Now we know.

Vote lib-dem and they support and join a tory government.

Nothing new or progressive about that.

Watch the lib-dems get decimated in next year's local elections.