Thursday, 15 April 2010

One week down, three to go

Little time for updating this blog: there's an election on, you know: thousands of leaflets to deliver and doors to knock on, over 200 emails, and growing hourly, from voters and pressure groups to reply to (not to mention Churches Together's list of 58 questions!). However, a few highlights from our first week of full-on canvassing:

knocking on the door of an elderly lady who helped run the Chester-le-Street and Berwick by-elections many years ago; a former councillor and election agent for the Liberal Party (now I know the simple trick that won Alan Beith that election!);

the higher than usual number of people who claim to be undecided at the moment;

canvassing a lady who was still upset that I sold my veggie restaurant twenty years ago (I promised her the soups we make in my shop kitchens are to the same recipes);

one of our excellent sixth form students who spent twenty minutes diligently making notes to help a lady with a casework problem;

the number of people in one particular hitherto solid Labour ward who said they hadn't seen the Labour Party in years.

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AllyAEC said...

I must admit I am more confused since the TV debate last night than ever.

I didn't really get any of the points, and shouting at each other wasn't practical.

I suspect since I am not in during the day I will never get a knock on the door from a party candidate in the North Ward.

I don't have a family, I earn a good living (for my tax to mainly support the doll chavs in my street it would appear), I own my house and a car, I don't use public services (like the buses etc), and I mainly recycle a lot of my own stuff as the recycling is frequent enough or good enough. So who do I vote for?

One party wants to charge me more for working for a living. None of them want to reduce petrol prices to make my life better.

As a young woman, I volunteer, am not married, no dependants (and not intention of children), student loan, mortgaged home, good job and a car - I ask, really why should I vote at all? I can't see any party giving me anything back for contributing to my economy and community on a daily basis thus far.

Should be a website where you can compare leaders manifesto's and promises and put in my details and tell me which party I would be better of voting for financially.