Friday, 16 April 2010

Oh dear...blushing Tories

Living in Darlington and wondering why you haven't had a leaflet from the Conservatives since the election was called? Wonder no more.

Following so soon after Darlington's Conservative candidate delivered thousands of pre-election leaflets to villages in the Sedgefield Constituency, my spies in the Darlington Royal Mail office tell me the Tories have now had to bin thousands more leaflets destined for a Royal Mail free delivery because they spelt Conservative "Conervative"!!!

A reprint has been ordered, but their leaflet campaign has been badly delayed.

Would you trust this lot to run the country? They couldn't organise a wotsit in a brewery.


Anonymous said...

lol... say no more!

Anonymous said...

Mike, I see you avoid that by using Lib Dem

Pamela said...

Don't worry if you haven't got a leaflet yet- just log on to facebook. Where you'll find edward leggard in the adverts with car insurance and darlington estate agents!!!