Thursday, 21 June 2007

Bulging thighs at the Arts Centre

Right, thought that might get your attention.

Last night, as part of National Bike Week, the Arts Centre, as part of its always excellent summer film season, showed Belleville Rendezvous, an innovative French/Belgian animated film following a hairy grandmother and her overweight dog in their quest to find her grandson, a Tour de France cyclist, who has been kidnapped and taken to the USA along with two other cyclists, to race on fixed rollers in an underworld gambling den - ok so far?
The film was introduced by Michael Hutchinson, a professional cyclist and world record holder, who is on tour promoting his new book about time trial racing, "The Hour".
This was my first visit to the Arts Centre since the foyer was refurbished. It looks really good now. The bar is where the ticket office used to be, and therefore easily accessible, and there's an art gallery where the food servery used to be, which is much more appropriate for an Arts Centre.
Two quibbles: the seats in the theatre are still uncomfortable (for me, anyway) and there is only one hand-pulled beer, which is tucked away at the back of the bar. It is the excellent "Old Speckled Hen" from my local brewery down south, but last night, although I got a half before the film, the much anticipated pint at the end (all that cycling works up a thirst!) failed to materialise because it was "off". C'mon Jenny: get another hand-pulled beer in there, please!

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miketually said...

I'm sorry I missed it; I've seen the start and it's supposed to be a great film.

(There's only 2 weeks until the real Tour starts, in London.)

Working next door, I've been into the refurbished Arts Centre a few times. Did the new lobby remind you of the Industrial Zone of the Crystal Maze?