Friday, 22 June 2007

Delicious irony

To a Special Full Council Meeting today at 12.45. Why such a strange time, did they expect it to finish by 1.oopm?
My neighbour, Fred Lawton, and I chuckled as Cllr Williams announced with a straight face that Nick Wallis, the Cabinet member with responsibility for transport, was stuck in traffic and would be late arriving. Should have come by bike, Nick!
There was no sign that this unintentional humour had impressed itself on our Labour colleagues opposite. They were probably too busy preparing for the tedious succession of self-congratulatory speeches we had to endure from the Cabinet, as they introduced each section of the Corporate Plan by telling us how successful they are at meeting Government targets.

During the Meeting, increasingly loud claps of thunder could be heard from outside. When we re-emerged into the daylight I discovered that half the shops on Post House Wynd and Skinnergate had flooded because the Victorian drains had been unable to cope with the sheer volume of water. In my shop the staff filled five buckets with water which mysteriously bubbled up through my concrete floor; and that doesn't include all the water they brushed straight out the front door. Nightmare!


Darlington Tory said...

It was to stop certain members from going to pub before hand I would expect, Mike.

miketually said...

But, don't the pubs open an hour and 45 minutes earlier than the meeting started?

ian holme said...

Afraid you are both wrong.
It was to ensure that they maximised their drinking time after their meeting of mutual backslapping.....