Tuesday, 5 June 2007

North Riverside Residents' Association

To the monthly meeting of the North Riverside Residents' Association this evening in the Havelock centre. The area covered by the Association lies between Gurney Street and the river, on the opposite side of North Road from Morrisons.
My photo shows Sandy Moore, the vice-chair of the Residents' Association, with the equipment he uses to produce his talking newapaper.

I haven't been to this meeting before, so decided to sit back and listen to what people had to say.

There was an excellent turnout of local residents and a lively discussion. Among the topics discussed were the state of the river and the need for it to be cleaned out, dog dirt, garden maintenance, litter, thefts from gardens, production of a newsletter and a talking version of it, a photography competition and a Christmas competition.

There were so many ideas, suggestions, initiatives and complaints. So much, however, depends on the Association persuading the Council to take action. People like this, who care deeply about the area where they live and are prepared to put themselves out in the interest of the local community, deserve to be listened to and to have the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the decisions made about the area where they live.

The Lib Dems' plans for Area Committees would allow local groups like this to have a real input into local decision-making. They would be empowered and encouraged to take responsibility for their local area. They know best what is needed where they live!


Anonymous said...

I also attended last nights meeting and did not know who you were till after the meeting when i asked another resident,why did you not interduce yourself. We are weary of lib-dem help, because after all the hard work the assosiation did to get work done on the estate your other collegue took all the credit in his pre-election focus, he has not been seen at a meeting since, his he ashamed, he should appologise for this.We hope we will not be used for your political propaganda.

Mike Barker said...

I expected the Chair of the meeting (ex-Labour Councillor Holmes)to make introductions at the start of the meeting, as is normally the case where new people are present. He chose not to.

I am aware that there are a number of people in the Residents' Association who are anti-Lib Dem. In view of that, I did not want to antagonise any of hose people by introducing a political element to the meeting.

I firmly believe in the rights of local people, like yourself, to play the most important role in what happens in your neighbourhood. I thought it better, therefore, since I am new to the ward and had nothing to report anyway, to sit and listen to what you all had to say.

Now I know a bit more about your concerns and priorities, I shall hopefully be able to contribute more in future and help you achieve your ambitions for the area.

Anonymous said...

I see you removed my comment, are you frightend of the truth,or are you frightend the people of NORTH ROAD, will discover the truth about you? and are going to supress all comments that are not favourable to you, or are you man enough to take criticism, we will see, i wait with baited breath to see if you put this comment on.

Mike Barker said...

To anonymous, who is not prepared to reveal his or her name, your previous comment was removed because it contained two lies.
You asserted that I arrived late for the meeting. This is a lie. I was there a couple of minutes before it began, and one other person arrived after me.
Secondly, you said I left without speaking to anyone. This is also a lie. I stayed for about 15 minutes, spoke to about 6 people (though obviously not you, whoever you are).
I shall continue to retain moderator's control over postings on here while anonymous troublemakers post lies about me.
I am happy to publish justifiable and truthful criticism of me. I will not publish lies posted by people who are afraid to reveal their identity.

Anonimous said...

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