Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Filming the Council?

My thanks to my friend Mike McTimoney from the Darlington Cycling Campaign for pointing me towards the blog of Matt Davies, a Lib Dem Councillor in the London Borough of Haringey. Mike and Matt were at uni together.

Here is a link to Matt's post referring to Haringey's webcast of all their Council Meetings, which anyone can watch online. What a great idea. I've suggested to Mike that he emails Cllr Williams to suggest this as an addition to the ideas being put forward for opening up the Council to greater public scrutiny and involvement.
Elsewhere on Matt's blog is an interesting post on the attempt of a local school to achieve foundation status, against the wishes of the Labour controlled Haringey Council.


miketually said...

I'd not spotted the Echo story until today:

Mike Barker said...

I was going to blog separately about the article - when I found time!
The power of blogging: the story was picked up by the Echo from this blog, though Owen called you a "resident".
Did you ever get a reply from the Council to your suggestion?
Matt found this post, and gave your cycle campaign a nod on his blog.

miketually said...

I got a reply from Cllr Williams' PA on 25th July:

"Thank you for you email. Councillor Williams is currently away from the
office but he will see your email upon his return."

Nothing since. Looks like an automatic Out Of Office reply to me.