Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Leaflet after leaflet

And the show goes on. Despite the best efforts of the Labour bully boys, the Lib Dem campaign in Sedgefield continues to build up a head of steam. The quality and variety of our leaflets, newsletters, tabloids and glossies is superb.

Here in Darlington we're delivering to Hurworth, Middleton St George and various odd spots around the south of the constituency. Yesterday I delivered in Aycliffe Village, around The Green, which a lovely area you just wouldn't expect to find a few yards off the A167. Old cottages and houses cluster around, dominated by The County, where, as a notice outside proudly announces, Tony Blair entertained Jacques Chirac for dinner.

Yet just a mile away, in Newton Aycliffe, the Labour Council and the local MP have allowed the town centre to decline so dramatically. They should be thoroughly ashamed of their record in the constituency - perhaps that's why their campaign is so negative and defensive, having little more positive to say than that their candidate was born in the constituency.

Tomorrow, Ming Campbell tours the constituency, with more MPs to come every day from now own.


Anonymous said...

What a refreshing change to see an open and honest "blog", so unlike the one operated by Toad boy Wallis. Good luck with the campaign Mike, hears hoping at the very least that the party of the South that is the Conservatives are shown to be a spent force.

Anonymous said...

at least nick wallis's is open, unlike this one which states on the front page that it is an open un-moderated blog, but in fact it is still moderated by mike so only what he wants to go on the comments appears.if you put a comment on it takes ages to be seen.

Mike Barker said...

Yeah, my fault. I disallowed unmoderated comment while I was on holiday a couple of weeks ago and have forgotten to change back. I have now done so.