Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Tories to finish fourth?

The word on the street is that the Conservative vote in Sedgefield is tumbling as the Lib Dem squeeze tightens. Though is seeing them finish behind the BNP necessarily a good thing?
Here in Darlington we get a constant stream of leaflets to deliver in Hurworth and MSG: over the weekend there were three leaflets and an envelope to every house, and it'll be daily from now on. I loved the leaflet with photos of village names from the Durham ex-mining villages headed, "How many Conservative voters do you think there are here?"
Willie Rennie (pictured) the Dunfermline by-election winner has been here to encourage the troops, and today we have Charles Kennedy: still hugely popular!
I am hugely impressed by the enthusiasm and dedication of our young team working in Newton Aycliffe. Neil Trafford is staying with me: he leaves the house about 8am and doesn't get back til after midnight. I've also had a couple of MPs staying with me. So far I've had that Andrew Stunnell and that Norman Lamb in the back of my house. Norman was brave enough to sample my new organic Goji Berry muesli for breakfast: a bit chewy, but he won't have been hungry again for a while! Both really nice, interesting blokes, too.
Sunday afternoon and evening were spent delivering in constant rain, but last night we were in a pre-Council Group meeting when the latest cloudburst descended on us. I bet a few leafletters got thoroughly soaked by that one.

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Darlington Councillor said...

"Norman Lamb (who he?)stayed at the back of my house"

Hah! - I can trump that - Lembit Opik once slept on my floor....