Sunday, 6 April 2008

Cycling to Germany

To help celebrate the 200th anniversary of Darlington's twin town, Mulheim, being awarded its Town Charter, in June of this year a group of 20 cyclists from Darlington will ride to Mulheim, meeting up with cyclists from other twin towns across Europe to ride into Mulheim together.

For reasons which made it seem like a good idea at the time, I will be one of our 20 cyclists.

If anyone is interested in finding out more about this, contact Councillor Tom Nutt ( or Greg McDougall ( who is organising and leading the group.

Any of my kind readers who would like to sponsor my efforts, leave a message!

The schedule is


3RD to 10TH JUNE 2008

20 cyclists ride from Darlington to Mulheim via Newcastle/Amsterdam ferry, a distance of over 200 kilometers. Route will be,

Day 1 Darlington to Newcastle

Day 2 Amsterdam to Lunteren, Holland.

Day 3 Lunteren via Arnhem to Niemegen.

Day 4 Niemegen via Emmerich to Xanten.

Day 5 Xanten to Mulheim. On this day they will be joined by cyclists from
Mulheim and its other twin towns, and it is hoped 200 cyclists can
enter the town together, one cyclist for each of the 200 years. The idea
for this event came from Darlington, and our cyclists will be raising
sponsorship for a fund to assist young people who would not otherwise
have the opportunity of international experiences.

Days 6 to 8 In Mulheim and return journey by coach & ferry.


Aeres said...

Good luck Mike. Sounds like a plan concocted by a sadistic psychopath to me, but there you go...

Put me down for £20 anyway. I'll pay up when you have the photos on the blog to prove it!

miketually said...

Only 200km?