Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Back in the saddle - or not

Back from my great cycle trip to Mulheim with the Darlington Town Twinning group (of which more later), and having needed another week to catch up with everything at home and at work, I'm back in the blogosphere. And tonight, having got the bug, I'll be back in the saddle (unless it's pouring with rain) taking part in a gentle evening ride out to Walworth as part of Darlington Cycling Week. At least three other intrepid Mulheim cyclists will be taking part. But what will make it different from last week's trip is that at least one person on tonight's ride will know the way!

If there's anyone out there who fancies it: meet at the Dolphin Centre at 6.30pm. Bring your bike and some lights.
And here's one photo from our trip: a multi-story bike park in Amsterdam!


miketually said...

Did you make it on the ride to Walworth?

Mike Barker said...

No! I didn't fancy another drenching. Hopefully this weekend will be better weather and I'll get some miles in.
I've been told about an outdoor club based in Richmond which has a cycling section (not lycra-clad speedsters I hope) which I've emailed to find out more about. I enjoyed cycling in a group to Mulheim and would like to do the same closer to home.

miketually said...

I think the Swaledale Outdoor Club are of the speedster variety, but I might be wrong.