Thursday, 19 June 2008

Post Office Ltd makes an offer

Post Office Ltd has indicated to Darlington Borough Council that it will keep four of the five post offices which are due to close next month open, IF the Council provide a subsidy of £25,000 to £30,000 each per annum. Hopetown will definitely close. An officer's report will go to Cabinet next month.
Now, I was told that Milbank and Cleveland Terrace post offices were profitable anyway, and that these closures were intended to maximise the profits of Post Office Ltd by driving yet more business through the already congested Crown Street branch.
So these subsidies from the Council would not be to subsidise unprofitable, failing branches, but to protect the overall profits of Post Office Ltd! I don't believe it's the Council's job to line the pockets of Post Office Ltd.
I can't see our Labour Cabinet forking out up to £120k per annum to maximise Post Office Ltd's profits - especially as there are no local elections for three years and all four branches are in Lib Dem or Tory wards!

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