Tuesday, 24 June 2008

"Website Disabled"

News reaches me that one of the businesses which was due to be compulsorily purchased by the Council in order to clear the way for the new Oval shopping development has withdrawn from the purchase of its new site because the compulsory purchase is not going ahead. Furthermore, try visiting the Oval's website and you get the message, "Website disabled".
As I understand it, Debenham's involvement in the scheme was dependent on the project starting this spring, in order to be open in time for Christmas 2010. Clearly that ain't gonna happen.
The wider development of the town centre, including the "town centre fringe", potentially a very exciting area full of possibilities, is predicated by the successful completion of the Oval. This, however, appears indefinitely delayed.
This comes on top of property developers pulling out of sites in North Road and Harrowgate Hill. The recession is now biting hard. The only shop that appears busy in town is the new Poundland shop on High Row. Mind you, when you see some of their £1 offers, it's obvious why they're so popular. Frankly, in business terms, I haven't seen the town so quiet in 23 years of trading.

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