Sunday, 31 August 2008

Cunning plan revealed

Following my interview on BBC Radio Tees last week, the Council has now announced the details of their cunning plan to rid North Road of rogue car dealers. I was asked not to reveal the details of this scheme when I went on the radio last week, in case it scared off the traders before the Council got to them.

Bill Dixon, the lead Cabinet member in this matter, has now announced the plan here on the BBC Tees website. Draw your own conclusions about why it's ok for Bill to reveal now what I was asked not to mention on Thursday.

Whatever, let's hope this does some good. I've been going on about this in Council, in Focus and with officers for over a year now and credit where it's due, the Council have gradually been getting their act together. I just have a nagging feeling that the slippery traders will keep one step ahead.


Peas Have Points said...
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AllyAEC said...

At least they are doing something, I counted 8 cars on one side alone last week from Cumberland street to the co-op (not a large distance) on my cycles.

Fingers crossed this might work, but they know they could get a fine now, so will it make a difference? Or will they just keep moving the car about?

They wouldn't park their cars to sell there if they didn't have interest from the public - I have lost count the amount of times I see the traders speaking and selling the cars to the public. Unfortunately cheap cars (no matter the cars condition/history) are a draw to the small budget consumers.

Another solution is put in a bus lane? Although that would stop a lot of home owners parking on the road also.

miketually said...

Put in a bus lane? You'll be suggesting the council are trying to encourage bus use next!

AllyAEC said...

Heaven forbid we use buses! LOL

Well, cycled past the usually populated north road car trader area last night - not one car! It was barren of all 'for sale' (well from co-op to cumberland street at least).