Friday, 8 August 2008

Give that man a 99

Dontcha just love the Echo? Whoever wrote this headline in yesterday's paper about a leakage of chocolate ice cream from a tanker lorry deserves a 99er:

"Clunk, lick - every trip: Sundae driver's nasty choc as ice cream spills onto road."

I expect there were some cones on the road.

Later in the same edition is the regular Echo Polnocy column. Written in Polish, with no English translation, I recognised two words from this week's column:

"Nick Wallis, czlonek gabinetu do spraw zdrowia i rozrywki powiedzial..."

What's he up to now?


miketually said...

"Nick Wallis, Cabinet member for health and leisure said..."

What's the rest of the quote? The latest column's not on the Echo website yet. (If recent form is anything to go by, it will either appear in a day or two or not at all.)

Mike Barker said...

Well, he isn't any more, is he? Are you making this up, Mike? Anyway, life's too short to stuff a mushroom or type words in Polish!

miketually said...

I stuck it into Google's translation tool :)