Monday, 8 September 2008

I for India

Too long ago, I employed a young lady from the 6th Form College on Saturdays. Over the years there must have been more than 100 16-18 year olds working for me, but a few stand out as something really special. One of these was Sandi Suri. When she's back in Darlington she often comes in to see me and tell me about her burgeoning career as an independent film maker. Her dad, Dr Yash Suri, has also popped in from time to time over the years and is always keen to recount the exploits of both his talented children.

Well, later this month film buffs in Darlington get a chance to see her acclaimed film, I for India: the story of her parents' arrival in this country, and Darlington in particular. For forty years, Sandi's dad kept a film record of his life here and it's this archive material than Sandi uses to create her film.

It's on at Darlington Arts Centre on Monday, September 29th at 8pm. Sandi herself will be present and will host a question and answer session after the screening. It should be a good evening.

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