Sunday, 14 September 2008

North Road ward catch-up (3): Car sales campaign working?

The Council's campaign against rogue car traders on North Road, which started last Monday, seems to be having some effect. It's early days yet, but last Wednesday when I checked there was only one car for sale on the whole stretch of North Road, and that was in the Harrowgate Hill ward - and it had a yellow warning sticker on.

Sunday is usually the busiest day of the week, when there have been over 20 cars on sale sometimes. Well today there were only five cars for sale, three in Harrowgate Hill and two in North Road.

The campaign will have to be kept going: we need to get the numbers of cars on sale reduced even more, and make sure they don't come back, but so far it seems to be working. I feel quite pleased with my contribution in keeping the issue before officers and the Cabinet member. It can be hard work as a back bench Lib Dem councillor to get anyone with any power, whether it's an officer or a Cabinet member, to take any notice of you. But I think I've played my part in getting the Council to take action over this issue.

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