Monday, 13 October 2008

Candidate Chosen for North Road Ward by-election

The results of this evening's selection meeting to choose a candidate to fight the North Road Ward by-election have been announced on the Darlington and Sedgefield Lib Dems website here.


Anonymous said...

I hear Labour are foisting rejected ex Harrowgate Hill councillor John Vasey onto the North Road electorate.
A bit of a desperate and lack lustre choice of candidate who is obviously only involved in politics because he has been hen pecked into it.
I think it is safe to say "Congratulations Anne Marie Curry".
I wouldn't waste too much on your shoe leather and leaflet expenses Labour
Does anybody know who the other runners and riders are?

Mike Barker said...

Almost unbelievably, Steve Jones' wife has collected a set of nomination papers from the Town Hall.

Anonymous said...

Another controversial North Road election shaping up by the sound of it Mike.
Who is she standing for the BNP?

Mellow Yellow said...

So up to now it is looking like it is going to be:-
Anne-Marie Curry, the Lib Dem Councillor elect.

John Vasey, Henpecked Harrowgate Hill reject who after an inevitable further backheeling by the voters of North Road will be stuck with the albatross of being a serial loser at the ballot box hung around his neck. This doesn't bode well for further elections after JV loses and he may well now be realising that he has took a drink from the poisoned chalice. However his popularity with his neighbours round by The Burns could ressurect Labours fortunes in this ward and sweep his party to an unlikely victory. (But I wouldn't hold my breath)

George Jenkinson, The Conservative candidate - Likable guy who loses no love with Wick Nallis, Campaigns on many good issues but is on a loser in North Road. Won't win but could push the Lack lustre Labour candidate into third place.
Will the North Road Conservative hardcore take to a Tory candidate lacking a silver spoon in the proverbial?

Tina Jones, BNP TBC, What is she thinking of? Apart from being too closely linked with her no show other half she will be further shackled by the BNP mantle. Despite standing in North Road on three other occasions the BNP vote has barely fluctuated from its poor amount recieved. It is an interesting question as to who damages whose vote here by their unholy association - Ms Jones or indeed the BNP. A poor sideshow again in a ward which will see them overshadowed by a massive effort from Lib Dem and Labour. I wouldn't flatter either of them with my attention or build them up bigger than what they are.

Anybody know of any other chancers in a political battle which is undoubtedly going to overshadow both the Glenrothes by-election and McCain Vs Obama?