Saturday, 25 October 2008

Make a Difference Day

Today is Make a Difference Day, when community volunteers across the country take part in projects in their neighbourhood. It's Britain's biggest volunteering day of the year.

Cllr Fred Lawton and I went along to join in a riverside litter pick in the North Riverside area of the ward: an event organised by the North Road Community Partnership. We took our by-election candidate, Anne-Marie Curry (pictured above), along to meet the local volunteers. Unfortunately, none of the other by-election candidates turned up, even the Independent candidate, who is also the Chair of the Community Partnership. But then he's only managed to attend one CP meeting in the last six months (one more than the number of Council meetings he managed).

While we were filling our plastic bags with rubbish, I had a quick chat with the Labour candidate, John Vasey, who was out in the estate with a couple of councillors delivering leaflets. I like John, but I couldn't help thinking that, as fast as we were collecting rubbish, he was shoving more through letterboxes.


Anonymous said...

Caption competition:

Steve Jones will not be standing after all.

Anonymous said...

Are the Lib Dems the BNP in disguise?

Lib Dem Councillor Yodels in Tesco

A senior Lib Dem councillor in Stockport went a-yodeling into his local branch of Tescos three sheets to the wind to buy more booze. On his quest he bumped into a Police Officer of a minority race and decided to use this as a point of abuse. He also threw in some homophobic insults for good measure and got arrested for his pains.
This week in court he was sobered up with a whopping £200 fine and £300 costs.
The Lib Dem(on) in question sits on Stockport Councills environment & economy scrutiny committee.
He is also a governor of a local early years centre.

Of course, Christian Walker is not just a councillor, he is a Lib Dem researcher who until recently was employed MEP Chris Davies.

So I am sure Mr Davies would like to completely condemn such actions, wouldn't he?

Davies said:

"If he was still working for me, my position would be that he's a young man (34!!!!!!!!), he got drunk and acted foolishly. Let those who are free of embarrassment cast the first stone. He's not the first man to have behaved stupidly."

Er, how about those of us who are free from ever making racially abusive statements being allowed to cast the first stone?

The fact Davies has not outright condemned this behaviour is nothing short of a disgrace.

Dear oh dear.

I hope Ms Currys way of making a difference is radically different style to this dudes.