Saturday, 11 October 2008

"Your Ideas Needed on How to Save Money"

This headline appears in October's edition of The Flyer (or "the flyer") the glossy in-house magazine produced by Darlington Borough Council for its employees. This magazine is always full of happy smiling faces, with photos of DBC employees winning awards, having babies, getting married, telling us about their hobbies or their jobs.

This month's magazine contains a call to arms, though, for DBC staff to come to the rescue of our cash-strapped Council. The article reads:

"The Council like, everyone, (their use of commas, not mine, which makes it sound like a teenager, like, addressing a large crowd, init) is feeling the impact of the credit crunch and this means we need to adjust our financial plans. Our lack of land sales and increasing energy and food costs are just some of the pressures we are facing.

"The Council has started its service and financial planning process and it is already clear that we will have to make significant savings to balance the books - this is where you come in.

"Paul Wildsmith, Director of Corporate Services, said: (their inappropriate use of a colon) "We would like all employees to give some thought to how savings can be achieved. Clearly big savings would be great but the old saying, "every little helps", comes to mind so all savings ideas are welcome no matter how small. I am sure you will have plenty of great ideas we can consider and I look forward to seeing (their use of the wrong physical sense) what you have to say.

"Send your ideas to"

Well, since this magazine is available on the DBC Intranet at the click of a button, they can start with this glossy magazine. When front-line services are under threat, expensive in-house publicity should be first on the list for the chop.

The invitation is there, so why don't we all join in. All ideas for cutting waste can be emailed to the above address.


Rod Earthman said...

"their use of commas, not mine, which makes it sound like a teenager, like, addressing a large crowd, init"

Good to see you have a high opinion of young people Mike.
As a 'young person' myself, I find your posts consistently patronising and snooty.

But then as a 'young person', what am I doing consistently reading Councillor Mike Barker's blog?

Mike Barker said...

Don't take it so seriously, Rod. Anyway, as you say, if you don't like it, don't read it, like.