Sunday, 8 March 2009

Seen in the Pedestrian Heart 1

Sometimes cyclists do themselves no favours - and I say this as a member of the Darlington Cycling Campaign. One day last week the bike shown in the photograph was chained to the top of the only handrail down the steps at this point (sorry, the angle doesn't show the steps!). Any disabled or elderly person would have had to negotiate this bike, or walk quite a way to the next set of steps where there was an unobstructed handrail, to get up or down the steps.

The bike was there for at least two hours. It's not some chav's bike: it's an expensive Dawes town bike, presumably owned by someone who would normally consider themselves a responsible individual.

This is why we need a detailed Code of Conduct for cyclists in the town centre, because then all selfish cyclists, like this chap, could be warned, with a clear written statement of what is and is not permitted within the Pedestrian Heart.

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miketually said...

That is a stupid place to leave a bike, but would the code of conduct make any difference?