Sunday, 8 March 2009

Seen in the Pedestrian Heart 2

As someone who has a business in the town centre, I see a lot of what goes on there. From time to time I spot problems - broken slats on the benches, rubbish bins not emptied, planters needing attention - which I report to Street Scene. I would be annoyed if one of the Central ward councillors came to North Road and started reporting problems, but I reckon the town centre belongs to all of us, and if the Labour Councillors aren't going to report problems, then I will.

A couple of weeks ago, BT removed their phone boxes from High Row. Presumably they reckon most people use mobile phones now. What we have left is two ugly, dirty boxes. The grey one has always been there, but, unless the green one was hiding behind the phone boxes, I don't remember seeing it before. And the space where the phone boxes were has been filled in with nasty looking tarmac. I think BT should be asked to lay proper flagstones in this location, and those boxes need repainting: this area really looks a mess as it is.

Since the phone boxes were removed, a split sandbag has been left on the ground. I can't imagine where it came from, but I thought, on this occasion, I would see if anyone took it away. During the past couple of weeks many Street Scene staff, councillors, officers and residents must have walked past this, but not thought it necessary to remove it.

We now have a red and white cone marking the spot! What's going on? Is there a top level conference taking place to decide what to do with the sandbag? Has a message been sent to BT asking if it belongs to them? It's a mystery. Surely someone could just sweep it up and take it away! I have contacted Street Scene to ask them if something can be done to get this spot tidied up.

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miketually said...

And do they really need two boxes that close together? Could they not fit one larger box? If they do need two, could they not have lined them up?

They could barely have planned it to look worse.

At least a passing Christian has made the box look a bit tattier!