Thursday, 30 April 2009

Sunday can't come soon enough

This Sunday, instead of delivering some of my chunk of the 25,000 Fiona Hall tabloids we are shoving through the doors in Darlington, I shall be getting up at 4.30am to begin the long trek to the Madejski Stadium to watch the mighty Royals attempt to bounce back to the Premiership by beating Birmingham (as long as Sheffield United fail to win at Crystal Palace).

Such is our rail system, I can't get a train via London to get to Reading in time for the 1.15 kickoff this Sunday. Instead, I have to drive to Leeds, catch a train at 6.40 to Manchester, from where a Cross Country train slowly wends its way south to Reading. The return journey to Leeds is via Birmingham, who, of course, we are playing that day. If Birmingham win, they go up. If they don't win, the journey back could be quite interesting!


Paul Walter said...

You are a loyal Royal!

Norfolk Blogger said...

They might actually fill their ground for once.

It was comical to see a team doing so well supported by such a shallow silent bunch of fans as those who turned up at Norwich on Monday.

The chants of "what's it like to see a crowd", "your ground's too big for you" and "did you come in a taxi" were not misplaced.

Some fans don't deserve their team. When you still have the chance to go up diretly and less than 300 fans turn up for a game then that is pretty poor.

Norwich are going down, but have 20,000 season ticket holders, average gates of 25,000 (in a stadium with ony 26,000 seats) and will be taking 3000 fans to Charlton on Saturday.

What ever people say about the Canaries as a team, you cannot fault the fans.

Good luck though, I like Steve Coppell and I think you are better team than Sheffield Utd and Birmingham so deserve to go up.

Aeres said...

Hoping that you do us (Sheffield United) a favour on Sunday Mike - just make sure that you don't get beaten!

Don't believe the conspiracy theories regarding Neil Warnock - he would absolutely love it if he stopped us getting promotion after he was forced out 2 seasons ago.

Should be a great day anyway - we're taking 7500 to Palace and could've sold a lot more. It's days like Sunday that make sitting through the drab 0-0 draws in January worthwhile.