Sunday, 10 May 2009

Hartlepool MP plans ahead

I haven't spotted anything so far about the part-time MP for Darlington, Alan Milburn, but one of the other local MPs, Ian Wright from Hartlepool, is revealed today as having claimed £1200 for bedding and electrical equipment for a second home he hadn't even bought yet. Respect, Ian! Vera Baird, meanwhile, MP for sunny Redcar, tried to claim for Christmas decorations, though the Commons authorities sent her packing on that one.

On a weekend when four more British soldiers died in Afghanistan, the world's economy teeters on the edge and hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced in various battle zones around the world, the petty nature of so many of these claims by MPs of every party beggars belief.

As we found from questions at a recent Queen Elizabeth 6th Form Question Time event, the general public does not hold MPs in high regard and this permeates down to all levels of elected politicians.

Alan Milburn earns so much money, he probably doesn't need to claim his full share of the expenses gravy train. Pepsi kid Milburn does alright for himself. In fact, he's raking in the cash. The fizzy drinks firm Pepsi pays him £25,000, Lloyds Pharmacy over £30,000, and investors profiting from NHS privatisation another £35,000.

Add £25,000 from his own firm AM Strategy plus a £62,000 salary as my MP and I reckon he's on £177,000 a year. So he probably won't be claiming for any bath plugs, toothpaste or yogurts.

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Alex T said...

Milburn may have a ton of extra cash coming in from various other 'non jobs' but according to the table published over at
Milburn was joint first when it came to claiming the maximum 'additonal costs allowance'(the allowance paid to members for cost incurred when staying away from their main home for the purpose of performing parliamentary duties) for the period 2007/08 - the most recent availble figures - he claimed £23,083 which is the abosolute max allowable (see link)