Sunday, 31 May 2009

"Six Jobs" in the Sunday Sun

Never known to use one hyperbole when three are available, the Sunday Sun today has a deserved pop at Alan "Six Jobs" Milburn, variously describing him as a "top dog", "big beast" and "bigwig". As I blogged recently, the Sunday Sun confirms that Six Jobs has "made hundreds of thousands from private firms".

It also lists the huge amount of time he spends abroad on activities unconnected with his work as our MP and points out that he lives in Stocksfield, Northumberland, which the RAC website tells us is an hour and half's drive from the constituency. The Sunday Sun kindly points out that, although the Tory candidate also lives some way from the town, I have lived here for 26 years and am a local councillor here.

You've got to have a laugh though. Labour MP Stephen Byers is reported on under a headline that reads "Buyers (sic) under pressure to reveal all". Newcastle North MP Doug Henderson, who lives in Fife, is described as "living in another country". And the Sun's story about Frank Cook claiming back a church plate donation appears under the Headline "MP CLAIMED EXPENSES FROM GOD!"

Sadly, the Sunday Sun didn't report that Six Jobs hasn't spoken in Parliament for over a year and appears to spend relatively little time there. Much the same can be said about his constituency.

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