Saturday, 16 January 2010

A bit silly

Try typing into your browser. Where does that take you? To the Darlington Conservative Future website, that's where. Sadly, Alan Milburn will not be standing for Labour in Darlington in the general election (that really would have spelt the end of Labour's tenuous hold on this seat) so the Tories' swoop for this domain name is a bit irrelevant now - as well as being silly.

Meanwhile, the Northern Echo's love-in with Cllr Chapman continues apace. The opening of an inaccessible second floor office on the corner of the Martket Place apparently warrants a full colour photo of Labour's young candidate.
By the way Jenny, I used to rent those offices back in the days when I owned the ground floor restaurant and a shop across the road, so if you find a fiver down the back of the kitchen cabinet, it's mine.


james said...

From what you say it sounds like the Tories have money to burn - though that isn't exactly a surprise.

You know Mike, I was going to visit the Liberal Democrats website but I got scared. Well, all the signs are that it would lead to a Conservative future...


Resident said...

A quick whois search reveals the owner of to be...

Conservative, Vote
3 Harrowgate Village
01325 382 276

Darlington is not for sale!
They can spend all the money they like – the Tories can't buy Darlington!

miketually said...

Money to burn? Hardly, domain names cost pennies.

Not understanding how the internet works in the age of Google? Very. People don't navigate by URL...