Friday, 22 January 2010

The right way to handle this issue?

Am I alone in feeling uneasy about the way in which the 12 year old boy in Darlington, who was identified as one of three children photographed bus-surfing, has been paraded in the press and on regional tv?

Bus surfing is a craze at the moment among a small group of young teens in the town. It is stupid and could well have serious consequences. I'm pleased to see that Arriva have made physical changes to their buses so that they can no longer be used for this game. But surely the safety message could have been given to kids through the media and through their schools, without making an example of a 12 year old and turning him into a folk hero among his mates.

If he'd broken the law or been charged with an offence, his identity would have been protected: for his own good. Here he is being accused of being an idiot and he is being encouraged to appear on tv and in the press, to be lionised or ridiculed depending on your point of view. What good will this do?

The way this young kid's activities and apparent unrepentant attitude have been paraded for all to see will surely do nothing to alter his personal individual behaviour. This should have been dealt with privately, within his family and his school, not played out in the media. The notoriety this kid will have gained will do nothing to improve his behaviour or attitude: perhaps the opposite in fact.


miketually said...

No, you're not alone.

ian said...

i concur, some kids just thrive on this sort of notoriety.