Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Sainsbury's to open in Duke Street

How did this squeeze in under the radar? Walking to work this morning, the signs have finally been erected outside the shop conversion work which has been going on in Duke Street since Christmas in what used to be Sanderson's Estate Agents and before that, Golf World. It's to be a new Sainsbury's Local.

The small grocery, newsagents and confectionery shop on the corner of Larchfield Street opposite has not opened for business this week, having clearly been suffering reduced trade for several months. And I don't suppose the little Spar just 50 metres away from the Sainsbury's shop will be too impressed with its brash new neighbour.

First the big supermarkets destroyed most of our town centre butchers, bakers and greengrocers: now they won't stop until they've put our local convenience stores out of business too.

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james said...

Of course not, Mike. The joint-stock corporation exists to maximize profits for shareholders, not look local retailers. Consumers cannot always afford to opt for local retailers over big supermarkets. That's capitalism, comrade.

If I was to complain about these facts you'd call me an unreconstructed old leftist in a young persons body... ;-)