Saturday, 9 January 2010

Some photos of snow in Stanhope Road

Last night we had the heaviest snowfall to date in Darlington. The Regional PPC training event in Gateshead has been called off, so instead, I went out early this morning to take some photos around my house.

I'm lucky enough to live in a house built in 1867 in the most beautiful road in the west end of Darlington, an area of Victorian and Edwardian terraces described by Nickolaus Pevsner, the architectural historian, as perhaps the most perfect example of urban living anywhere in the country.

Stanhope Road North is a mix of Victorian terraced housing with Stanhope Green, our wonderful Victorian park, at its heart. Across the park are the twin wonders of the Arts Centre and the Sixth Form College, both beautiful buildings spoilt just a little by the modern carbuncle which is the entrance to the College.

The photos above show you what Stanhope Road and the Green looked like at 8am this morning. The top photo shows my house: the furthest away of the two with stone bow windows in the middle. The second is the Sixth Form College, the third is the Arts Centre and the bottom one the view from my front door.


miketually said...

The (long-term, port-crunch) plan is for the carbuncle to be removed.

neil craig said...

But at least we can trust all 3 major parties to continue to state, as an example of the very highest standard of honesty of which they are capable, that we are experiencing catastrophic glo9bal warming. Nonthing else justifies the increasing taxes & regulations you fascist parasites want.