Sunday, 24 January 2010

Ward walkabout

A couple of hours this afternoon strolling around parts of North Road ward with Fred and Anne-Marie. Spotted one particular patch of grass outside Bob Harrison Court, near the new school, clearly used as a dog toilet. Six fresh deposits in a 6ft by 4ft patch of grass, now captured for ever in digital colour. John Herdman will be hearing about this on Monday morning.

The main problem we found was the removal of three substantial stakes erected along the Whessoe Road end of North Park, put there to stop vehicles getting into the park. Someone has deliberately pulled them out of the ground and used the gap to ride quad bikes into the park. The football pitch has been used as a quad bike race track, with substantial damage to the playing surface. We have put so much time and effort, as have the Friends of North Park, the Council and Groundwork, into getting the park improved - and then we get this selfish anti-social behaviour.

We also spoke to local residents living on Crosby Street who should have been included in the Council's consultation about the proposed Longfield Road 20mph zone, but haven't been. We'll make sure their views are known.

Then it was back to Haughton East for some more leafletting!

Update 26th January. Street Scene have investigated and found four posts missing and four needing to be re-set. This will be done as soon as possible.


Mark Burton said...

Your not 'pointing' at something there are you Mike?

Mike Barker said...

More of an elegant wave of the hand, Mark, I would have said.

Note also the requirement to cling on to the nearest post to avoid toppling over.