Sunday, 1 June 2008

The craziest parking bays in town?

Take a look at this photo of Eastmount Road. Newly installed parking bays on the left of the photo, on the approach to a right hand bend, narrow the road to a dangerous width. And remember, 100 metres further on is a Reg Vardy car showroom, visited by large, wide, car transporter lorries.

As I was standing there, these two cars tried to squeeze through the gap: just look how close the car heading towards me gets to the parked cars on the right.

If it hasn't already happened, someone's treasured car is going to be damaged here soon.


Dinky Dory said...

My best friend lives in montrose street off this road. She now also has these bays. Her boyfriend got a ticket when a foot of his bonnet was in the parking bay. I think these ones are ridciouls yes, but her whole street should be bays as the college teachers and students are terrible for parking in their streets! Its that bad the alley ways have double yellow lines! It is awful trying to see out of her street to turn into this road as the cars opposite and to either side make it impossible. Its easier for me on my bike!

My biggest problem in that area of streets is crime. I have had my tyres slashed 3 times parking outside her house :(.

ian holme said...

Mike, you ask how long before soemones car is damaged. I can assure you that this has already happended many, many times.
Having friends living very close to where you took that photo I can confirm having spoken various cllrs and officers over the years attempting to sort this roads problems. The primary problem is the unsuitablity of this largly residential road for its shared commercial uses, to Vardys etc.
This results in alot of "rat-running", speeding and large commercial vehicles using the narrow road.
Having seen one car written-off outside their home, my friends have been desperate to see at least a 20mph limit introduced in the vicinity of the bad bend you photoed. No such luck.

Apparently, according to officers, the parked cars actually act as a deterent to speeding traffic..... that must be most reassuring to residents when they replace their wing-mirrors for the umpteenth time...