Friday, 5 September 2008

Throughabout chaos

I don't drive much, but once a fortnight I go over to a Cash and carry in Stockton to buy catering supplies. Yesterday afternoon I set off at 3.30. By 3.45 I had finally got through the laughingly named "throughabout".

Queues to get out of town stretched right back to the inner ring road - and this was a couple of hours before the rush hour. Today's Echo and D&S Times carry stories about the lengthy tailbacks that build up on Haughton Road.

A spokesman for the Council says they expect the delays to reduce when people get used to using the new road.

Don't make me laugh! Plenty of people were using the new road yesterday: but you can't join the queue to get on it until about 50 metres from the junction. So all the traffic that wants to access the new road is stuck in the huge queue waiting to go to Albert Hill or Haughton or Darlington College. And that traffic is held at the lights which are set so that traffic for the ETC gets priority. But traffic wanting to use the ETC is stuck in the queue!

The queues and delays will reduce, because drivers will go back to using North Road and Yarm Road to get out of town.

Interestingly on my way back into town at 5pm, I used the ETC and sailed through: much quicker than the old crawl into town along Haughton Road. The traffic leaving town was gridlocked. Clearly this is all part of the Council's cunning scheme to increase peoples' use of the town centre. Make it easy to get into town, but impossible to get out.


Anonymous said...

“Its not Labours mess, its not Labours mess, its not Labours mess”, repeat the Darlington Labour mantra, or if you prefer try a few of the other often heard mutterings from the cabinet.

It’s the officer’s fault,

“Would it be possible to install double glazing at my house but use council staff and equipment to do the job?”

“I wasn’t in the country when the decision was made”

“I’m a complete moron but who cares”.

“I don’t have an opinion unless John Williams tells me what it is”.

“I always use small words so as not to appear more intelligent than Bill Dixon”.

“Always blame the Tories/Lib Dems/BNP/French for everything”

“I eat crayons”.

“I eat anything”

“Stop licking the windows”.

“How long do I have to keep my head in the sand?”

“I love John Williams he respects my opinion, what a democrat”

“Can I have some free tickets?”

“Can I have free trip to which ever Town I can twin with”

Anonymous said...

True. Very true. Nu Labour are Communists. They deny the truth and silence dissenting voice.