Friday, 12 September 2008

Where's our busker?

This evening an email arrived from Yash Suri, whose daughter, Sandi, has her film "I For India" showing at the Arts Centre later this month. Where, Yash asks, is our Post House Wynd busker? I realised then that I hadn't heard him for some time, perhaps all year.

It seems our Bryan Adams soundalike has a starring role in the film, as he strums his songs and sings at full, croaky volume. Yash is keen to invite him to the first showing of "I For India" in Sandi's home town, a year after its initial release.

So, if anyone knows his whereabouts, please let me know. And get yourself along to the Arts Centre on September 29th!

1 comment:

miketually said...

We've one of his CDs. Very good it is, too.

He also used to busk in Durham, though I've not seen him in either place recently.