Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Help, I'm lost!

According to the Echo today, our MP Alan Milburn has asked for more signs to be erected so that people from out of town can find the way to Darlington's Memorial Hospital. These may well be needed, but I hope no unnecessary expense will be incurred just so that our MP can find his way there without consulting his A-Z.

The report goes on to say that a "review" will take place and that the public would be consulted. Oh purleeese! I'm sure between them the Borough Council and the NHS Foundation Trust can find a couple of people who can have a look around and say yes we need some more signs, let's get some put up. Isn't it typical of the inertia that surrounds so much of local government that they feel the need to hold a formal review and public consultation - all for a few signs. Just get on with it!

After all, Alan will need to know where the hospital is so he can do a few photo shoots before the next general election. And just in case the review takes too long, here's a link to a map and aerial photo.

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