Tuesday, 3 February 2009

New waste management scheme delayed

Well, it is Darlington Borough Council, so what would you expect? From the people who brought you the wonders of the Pedestrian Heart (delayed), the Eastern Transport Corridor (delayed) and North Road Primary School (delayed), we now have New Waste Management Contract (delayed).

They should take a leaf out of Stagecoach's book. Lengthen the train journeys so that more arrive on time.

I got a first inkling of this at last week's AGM of the Town Centre Traders' Association, where the recycling officer reported that the new recycling contract would start in the summer. It was supposed to start in April. Then, at Council last Thursday, fellow blogger Cllr Nick Wallis announced that the new waste and recycling facility being built by John Wade would not be ready until "sometime in the summer". So, until then, the existing kerbside recycling regime will continue.

Cllr Wallis blamed it on delays in the planning process. Hmmm. I really don't think so! Planning permission was granted back in November 2008 by Durham County Council. Now, since these are pre-fabricated structures, which we were told on a trip to Wade's landfill site early last year would only take a matter of weeks to bolt together, I can't see any reason for the delay.

Looks to me like someone's cocked it up - again! But then again, it is a DBC Labour Council project isn't it.

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