Thursday, 5 February 2009

New school - new name

Last night, North Road Primary School Board of Governors finally grasped the nettle, after a consultation process involving staff, parents and children, and voted to change the name and uniform of the school when we move to the eco-friendly new buildings across the road next January.

The two remaining traditionalists among the governors were finally won over to the change of name after being reminded that, sadly, just as our national flag has arguably been tainted by its association with the BNP, so our school's name is tarnished, in the eyes of some of the children at least, by association with the notorious North Road Crew.

The new name for the school will be Northwood Primary.

And we are ditching the maroon colours, which the kids hate apparently, for a nice eco-friendly green. Here, though, this being a committee, we were unable to agree on what shade! Some liked the darker bottle green, which is used by two other schools in the town, while some preferred emerald green, which is much brighter and would be unique in the town, and which I suspect was favoured by the medieval inhabitants of Sherwood Forest.

Our solution will be to hang up a sweat shirt in each colour in the entrance area and ask the parents to vote for one or the other.

And after nearly three long hours (considerably longer than any Council or Cabinet meeting) we all went home.

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cllr mark burton said...

tut tut Mike... That's not the reason school children would like to change the name!