Friday, 29 May 2009

Will's Medal Ceremony

Been up to RM Condor, Arbroath for a couple of days for Will's Afghanistan Campaign Medal Ceremony. While the day was obviously generally happy and filled with pride, there were plenty of tears among the couple of thousand family members present as the names of the fallen were read out and the Last Post played. 45 Commando lost eight men in combat and others were severely injured, many of whom took part in the Medal Parade in wheelchairs having had their legs blown off by land mines and suicide bombers.

The Commandant General and other senior officers spoke movingly and well about what, it appears, was the toughest campaign the marines have fought for many years in terms of casualties. While they stressed the positive outcomes: new schools and medical facilities built, for example, it is clear this war will continue for many years and many more will lose their lives in a far-away land.

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AllyAEC said...

I would like to congratulate your lad on his medal and glad he had a safe return from Afghanistan. I am in the TA Royal Signals and as a civilian and Signaller I fully appreciate the dedication and achievement of anyone on deployment.
ally x