Saturday, 27 September 2008

The Performing Right Society: even more annoying than utilities salesmen!

Over the past three months or so I have received at least a dozen letters at work from The Performing Right Society Ltd. Every letter tells me I must pay for a licence if I want to play recorded music either to my customers or to my staff - even if it's just in the staff room or kitchen. The thing is - I don't!

I looked into this a while ago and for a small business like mine it would have cost over £400 a year to play a radio in the staff areas alone, and a lot more if I played music in the public areas. So we all work hard, distracted only by the gentle sounds of intelligent and sociable conversation.

The letter, replete with large bold letters, for those who need to be SHOUTED AT to make sure they get the message, tells me I have to PHONE and tell them if I don't play music, or they MAY CONTACT ME AGAIN.

Why should I? It's like the police sending me a letter telling me I mustn't break the law, but could I please phone them to tell them I'm not!

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miketually said...

It could be worse, they could be phoning you up to play you a recorded message...